Property Transactions

Unisons offers clients support with their property practices whereby they can outsource the entire post-exchange to settlement process to Unison's Conveyancing Hub.

Our team can also assist with due diligence and the review of contracts pre-exchange. The concept is a simple one, you focus on providing advice to your clients and we focus on the process driven low-value component of the transaction.

Property Transactions
  • Standardised Processes

    We use our own professionally standardised processes to ensure efficiency and scalability.

  • Insurance

    The work performed by us is completely covered by professional indemnity insurance.

  • Invoicing

    We are engaged by law firms directly. Firms incorporate our fee as part of the transaction cost when invoicing their client.

  • White Labelled Service Delivery

    We use our client’s branding on all documents for a seamless delivery.
    • We correspond with third parties via a law firm provided email. E.g.
    • For telephone calls, third parties contact Unison via the law firm.

  • Process Transparency

    The system is designed with Unison using its own processes and software to manage the transaction. Our clients have access to a portal that allows them to access all the information on a matter at any given time.

  • Disclosure

    Transactions may involve the disclosure of confidential information, firms need to obtain prior informed consent from their client before engaging Unison on their matter. This is usually done through the insertion of a clause into the service agreement.

  • Confidential Information

    We guarantee that client confidential information remains subject to legal professional privilege when held. Any request by a third-party to access such information is referred to the law firm for instructions from the client.

  • Reporting and Audits

    We provide regular reports to our clients on their compliance with contractual arrangements. Our clients are entitled to audit files managed on their behalf at any time.

  • PEXA

    We manage transactions through our PEXA account. Third-parties are notified prior that this will be the arrangement.

  • Setup

    We help during the setup process with onsite training sessions, project management, checklists, draft policies and suggested steps to facilitate a smooth transition to an outsourced service delivery model.

  • Simple and Clear Scope

    We provide a simple and clearly defined scope of works that ensure all parties are aware of the respective responsibilities. Should we be required to perform work outside the original scope, we will not do so unless instructed.

Our Process

  • STEP 1


    Client instructs law firm of the sale or purchase of a property.

  • STEP 2


    Firm notifies Unison via online form and selects any required services.

    Our Services

  • STEP 3


    Law firm attends to negotiations and arranges for exchange of contracts.

  • STEP 4


    Unison notified of contract exchange, contract copy provided and matter passes over.

  • STEP 5


    Unison manages entire process through to settlement and completion.

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