Australian Legal Outsourcing

Australian owned and regionally based, we specialise in providing outsourced legal, paralegal and administrative services to legal teams and law firms.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide our clients the benefits of a regional workforce
  • Reverse the trend of offshoring legal work
  • Create more legal roles in Regional Australia
  • Train the next generation of Australian legal professionals

Our Objectives

We recognise that our clients have their own objectives and we love partnering and working with them to help them achieve their goals.

Here are just some of the goals we aim to achieve for our clients along the way.

  • Reduced operational and labour costs
  • Maximised profitability and cashflow
  • Increased quantity and quality of output
  • Greater flexibility to manage temporary spikes in demand
  • Opportunity to refocus on business objectives
  • Access to quality Australian legal talent
Our Objectives
Why Clients Choose Us

Why Clients Choose Us?

We’re wholly Australian owned and operated

  • We’re a team of Australian Lawyers, paralegals and business managers
  • All work performed onshore, nothing is sent offshore
  • We actively support growth and innovation in the Australian Legal Profession

We leverage our regional location

  • Access untapped legal talent
  • Source large numbers of paralegals from local universities
  • Operate with low overheads
  • Benefit from high staff retention rates
  • Support the development of the legal profession outside of capital cities

We are also a law firm

  • Regulated by the Law Society of NSW
  • Insured by LawCover
  • Accredited by SAI Global
  • Ability to provide advice and operational support

Our Philosophy

Our clients respect the fact that we are guided by an overall philosophy in our approach to business and the law.

  • Team Focused

    Our people are the key to our success

  • Process Driven

    High volume repetitious work is what we do

  • Efficient

    Any process we design must improve efficiency

  • Tech Enabled

    Technology enables us to achieve more, it shouldn’t replace us

  • Value

    Our solutions must deliver real value

  • Fixed Fees

    We charge fixed fees wherever we can

Our Team

A leading firm within Australasia, we help in-house lawyers succeed, personally and for their organisations. With almost 100 employees, we help some of the region’s leading organisations and tech-enabled start-ups.

  • Adam Barlow

    Adam Barlow

    Board of Directors

  • Paul Bartholomew

    Paul Bartholomew

    Board of Directors, Operations

  • Martin Culleton

    Martin Culleton

    Board of Directors

  • Craig Osborne

    Craig Osborne

    Board of Directors, Operations

  • Chris Sheppard

    Chris Sheppard

    Board of Directors

  • Paul Bartholomew

    Paul Bartholomew

    Board of Directors, Operations

  • Craig Osborne

    Craig Osborne

    Board of Directors, Operations

  • Kurt Brabender

    Kurt Brabender

    Business Development Officer

  • Kimberley Hines

    Kimberley Hines

    WP Team Leader

  • Michael Lewis

    Michael Lewis


  • Joshua Bignell

    Joshua Bignell


  • Stephen Warwick

    Stephen Warwick

    Banking & Finance

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