Speaking about the service costs in a business such as ours is somewhat counter-intuitive. After all, the benefits from outsourcing to Unison are realised in more ways then just cost savings. Our rates are a minimum 60% less than the equivalent rates offered in Australian capital cities. Unison’s rates are lower than many offshore outsourcers. We can offer such competitive pricing because Unison levers off its relatively low cost base in regional NSW and redefines the structure and approach to performing legal process work. This is a huge plus for customers. Not only are we local and more reliable, we cost less too.

Pricing and billing methods


We offer a variety of billing methods. Fixed fee on a per unit or per project basis is our preferred method, because we believe this forces us to improve our efficiency and productivity. It also gives you the confidence of knowing in advance what your costs of production are. We also offer the more traditional hourly, block and retainer structures should they be a better fit. Whatever pricing model you prefer, there is one thing we can guarantee, Unison will be a very cost-effective solution that provides quality and value. That is our commitment to each and every customer.