Legal Process Outsourcing


LPO enables law firms and in-house legal teams to work more efficiently and effectively by off-loading routine legal support work to other professionals who specialise in these activities. Outsourcing is not a new idea. Organisations of all sizes across the globe outsource a variety of internal business functions including human resources, finance, accounting and front office functions such as call centres. Usually this means sending the process offshore to outsource providers in the Philippines or India.

The legal industry was initially slow in its uptake of outsourcing, it is now seen as essential to remaining competitive in a demanding and rapidly evolving marketplace. Law firms and In-House legal teams serve internal and external clients, customers and stakeholders. We operate in a market that is demanding “more for less”. Clients, customers and stakeholders want law firms and In-House legal teams to focus on excellence in performance of higher end or core work. No doubt many regular tasks across legal processes have become commoditised and will continue to do so.

This is where Unison comes in. Our goal is to offer law firms and in-house counsel the opportunity to access superior services, while still receiving the cost-saving benefits from outsourcing.


Outsourcing part of your commoditised work to Unison will help you reduce costs, maximise profitability, increase your output and flexibility, and allow you to focus on your core business. For most customers lower operational and labour costs are among the primary reasons why they choose to outsource to Unison. Using quality LPO increases profitability. When your business makes changes to how it operates to reduce the cost of operations, your profit increases. But it isn’t just about the bottom line. Outsourcing low risk, time consuming processes to Unison will free up your team and allow you to redeploy them to work on more complex, higher quality work.

Unison's talent pool and support services can be used to manage temporary spikes in demand due to increased work loads, impending deadlines, holiday and maternity leave. It allows you to keep your team leaner and make significant savings on employment and on costs. Outsourcing with Unison increases the skill-set and resources available to your organisation making your job easier. We will work with you to identify and re-engineer processes that are suitable for outsourcing. We will perform them quickly, efficiently and to a high standard before managing them back seamlessly into your work flow.

Benefits of Outsourcing

With improvement in technology and the commoditisation of law, legal transactions are being re-engineered and projects are being managed between different legal suppliers to reduce the total cost of production.